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   Search Feature "No Work" when peeping for Canadians?  

9/5/2013 07:44
Posted By:  - SCOTTSDALE, AZ  
Date Posted: 9/5/2013 07:44
   Hey there sexy Peeps,

We seem to be having some challenges when searching for Canadians who live in a certain area (Manitoba).

1.Enter our search criteria.
2.We enter in the city (Winnipeg and or Brandon) which then gives us a postal code (R2G2S6). which is entered.
3.Then click search and only one profile comes up and it is from a city over 800 miles away.

The other option that is no fun,  is to search all of Canada, and then have to sift thru all of the Canadian profiles to find that particular area. Which is like going thru all the LL's in the US just to find LL's in Iowa scattered amongst them.

We tried this with a few other locations within the USA and the search works fine, no problem.

If Those Damn Canucks weren't so sexy and adorable we would give up.
Then again it might be better to send smoke signals and a dog sled team at this point.

Your time is greatly appreciated, Create a blissful day.


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