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   1) Instant Message Option Crashing & 2) 4 way (2 couple) IM possibility  

5/23/2014 14:37
Posted By:  - HONOLULU, HI  
Date Posted: 5/23/2014 14:37

When someone tries to IM us the window pops up then it crashes...sometimes I can write a response then crashes...sometimes I initiate IM and other user can' connect and sends me an email saying they tried to accept but not successful.....Do we need to change our settings or something....Mr. get on with safari and I get on using Mozilla...dont use IE anymore....

Also, How can we secure a 4 way IM meaning 2 people logged on to one couple profile via separate computers and other couple both logged in on separate computers?  We have been able to see this happen once but think it was a fluke because we don't know what we did to make it happen....Would be nice for 2 couples to participate in IM all having their own computers and screens to look at and not have to pass computers back an forth between husband and wives..

Any help on either of these would be fantastic!

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