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   Text Messaging - SMS vs MMS  

8/4/2014 06:46
Posted By:  - DUVALL, WA  
Date Posted: 8/4/2014 06:46
   Our Text Messaging feature was developed for SMS (Short Message Service) which is like Twitter, limited to text and to 140 total characters (actually 140 octets, so fewer real characters).  

Many people wanted to send longer messages or pictures or exceed the limits of SMS, so a system was developed (at Verizon) that allows attachments. MMS is basically standard SMS but messages carry an attachment. Most carriers now offer MMS (Apple and AT&T finally gave in). Individual carriers encrypt those attachments in proprietary ways though (that lock-customers-in philosophy).

The Lifestyle Lounge Text Messaging was and still is primarily for SMS. It's for short text messages between anonymous members. But some people prefer MMS, others don't know how to switch between the formats, or otherwise are stuck in MMS world. So, we've tried to add support for it. 

Members using AT&T as their carrier and using MMS as their format, can try hand-entering their cell device's SMTP address. It has to be right. You never use an alias. It will always be your cell number@mms.att.net for MMS (not cell number@txt.att.net, which is the default).  If you don't know your cell device's SMTP address, just send a text via SMTP to your own outside Email address and look to see where it came from. Our database must have that exact address or we won't process the traffic (for security reasons). 

Now that it's legal to unlock all cell phones and use any phone on any carrier, things may get even more chaotic, so think about SMS. That always works and if you want to send pictures, you can use the site or @llmailbox.com or @lluploads.com.

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