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   You can now email expired accounts, and they can also read and reply!  

12/24/2017 12:53
Posted By:  - CRYSTAL BAY, MN  
Date Posted: 12/24/2017 12:53
   I posted this in another topic, but I don't think it was seen.

I posted this after reading the topic about "Anyone here from WAY back?" in Off Topic, and also working on the photo contest archives, I realized that it would be a fun thing for Exclusive members to be able to email older expired accounts and be able to let them read and reply to your email.

We have many, many, MANY expired accounts. We used to routinely delete them after a period of time, but we encountered quite a bit of angry hate email from members whose accounts were deleted when they tried coming back. The would lose all of their lists and archived email. We would always send a deletion notice email, but those were either ignored or our mail was put into their spam filter.

So we decided to let it be up to the members to remove their accounts if that's what they desired. Our policy was hands off on profiles. This worked well since you have the option of entering the number of days since a member was last online in search results.

Leaving expired accounts also allowed the current members to keep a relation to their friends lists, white list and wish lists, etc. It also allowed quick reference to profile from forum topics. There are so many ways to access profiles on LL.

So effective immediately, all Exclusive members can expect their emails to reach any currently expired member, and they will not only be able to read it, but they can also reply. Expired members however will not be able to initiate emails. So feel free to email anyone on LL!

To borrow another companies motto: "Membership has it's privileges". :-)


I should also add that you can go back to your previous events that you've attended, and peruse the RSVP list to find and rekindle old friendships. You can find this on the "My Events" button on the top of the event listings on the new LLuna (lluna.lifestylelounge.com or www.lifestylelounge.club) site. Or on the old classic version of LL (), click on the "My Events" button the on the upper left hand corner of the homepage. And then check "Show all past events I have attended"

This feature isn't available on the old classic mobile site (x.lifestylelounge.com)

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