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Forum Category: Ask the Doctors, and Other Medical Related Topics
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   Severe swelling and circulation problems 3 weeks after surgery  

3/31/2009 10:17
Posted By:  - LAHAINA, HI  
Date Posted: 3/31/2009 10:17
   I am 3 weeks post op after having foot surgery. Had bunionectomy surgery.... I had the stitches taken out on day 12 and that night my foot swelled and tore open one of the incisions. It then got infected so I went back to the Dr. 3 days later and he just kept commenting on how horribly swollen it was. Put me in a walking boot and told me to stay off of it. So my problem is this...... I am keeping it elevated as much as possible however, as soon as I stand up with or without the boot my foot immediately feels like it is going to explode! It swells and turns a dark red/purple color and just throbs. It's very obvious just by looking at it that it is 6 shades darker than my other foot and swollen. And it happens quick. Not like I'm up for 2 hours and would expect some swelling. I'm just worried that something happend or is wrong and causing the circulation issues. When I call and tell them all I get is "Stay off of it"...... I can actually draw a line on my foot where the color changes it's that obvious. It is about halfway on the top of my foot all the way to end of my toes that turns purple. What is going on?

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