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Forum Category: Ask the Doctors, and Other Medical Related Topics
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   Sudafed (pseudoephedrine) and erectile disfunction  

10/24/2009 11:02
Posted By:  - CHICAGO, IL  
Date Posted: 10/24/2009 11:02
   I have a cold. Sinuses all blocked up. Nearing the end (I hope).

Last night we had a date with good friends. I offered to cancel, but the lady would not hear of it. So, I stopped at the pharmacy and asked the pharmacist to recommend something. She suggested a generic pseudoephedrine (Wal-phed aka sudafed).

I popped two at 5PM. Not much help. Popped another two at 7PM. (Directions called for 4 hours, but what could it hurt?) Guests arrived 7:15. Dinner, drinks, playtime at 9:00.

Can you say limp dick? Nothing. This is one of my favorite play partners. Nothing. Zip. My dick looked like I had jumped in Lake Michigan in January. Shriveled. Not even a partial erection.

Jumping ahead, during the night erections are normal. Not last night. Nothing until this morning.

Out of curiosity I decided to look up side effects for pseudoephedrine. Turns out that it is the first line treatment for priapism, an erection that persists longer than 4 hours. Pseudoephedrine makes raging hard-ons go away.

I am probably more sensitive to the stuff than most, and I did have twice the recommended dosage in my system (colds make me more stupid than usual), but as an FYI, swinging and sudafed do not get along well.


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