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Forum Category: Ask the Doctors, and Other Medical Related Topics
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   Bacterial Vaginitis, is there is fish monger in the room?  

4/24/2010 22:25
Posted By:  - WEST HILLS, CA  
Date Posted: 4/24/2010 22:25
   So we met up with a beautiful lady, had a couple drinks and went back to our place. Everything was going swimmingly. We head upstairs, everyone is giggling and having a good time. The wine is poured, the lights are low and the music is soft. The girls are kissing, oblivious to my existence. I wait my turn. The shirts come off, this is going to be great. More kissing and fondling. Ok my pants are definitely feeling tighter now. She's slipping off my wife's pants. Oh this is going to be good. Oh she was teasing her. Way to make her want it. Now my wife starts taking off the other girl's shorts and pulls the panties with it.

Then all of a sudden I am slapped in the face with a mackerel marinating in caster oil. And its thick. I mean I could taste the smell on the skin of my teeth. My wife looks over at me with those eyes that say, "HONEY!!! What do I do?!?!?!"

I dunno, keep going I guess. She's a trooper and continues to go down on her because she doesn't want to ruin the opportunity. Its too late. My wife is a vegetarian and this is too much like licking a spoiled salmon.

The girl seemed oblivious to the issue. So we "completed" as fast as possible without bringing it to her attention as neither of us wanted to be the bearers of bad news and make this poor girl feel totally embarrassed. She left wondering if everything was ok. We liked her and she keeps calling trying to hook up again but my wife has a mental block for her now.

No idea how to bring up this topic with her and tell her the truth of why my wife has no interest in a repeat. My wife has never really been into second chances which I think is a shame. Ugh. What to do.

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