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Forum Category: Ask the Doctors, and Other Medical Related Topics
 Originator Date Posted 
   My Va Jay Jay needed a lil tune up  

10/28/2010 14:14
Posted By:  - SACRAMENTO, CA  
Date Posted: 10/28/2010 14:14
   I am 47, have had two kids and had a complete Hysterectomy when I was 32.

I went to my Gyno today, because I was worried I had a prolapsed bladder.

I have been having extreme pain during and after intercourse. A very irritated bladder and the urge to pee a lot. Amongst a few other things.

Good news, no bladder prolapse. What I do have is a va jay jay, that has been depleted of Estrogen, for years. The walls of my vag, are thin and very smooth. And,,,, as if I did not already know this, I am dry.

Simple solution, use estrogen cream vaginally. Doc says not only will I have a healthier vagina, but the blood flow will increase, causing those horny tingly feelings, down below.

I am sharing this, to see who else has gone through this. And how things are working out for you.

I am really looking forward to not feeling like I have sand paper inside me, when I sit.


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