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Forum Category: Ask the Doctors, and Other Medical Related Topics
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11/14/2010 17:35
Posted By:  - PLAINFIELD, IL  
Date Posted: 11/14/2010 17:35
   Slightly off topic, but anyone here had it?
I have the trays now, and am not happy. From online research prior to getting them, it seemed like they could be a hassle/nuisance but overall worth it in the end. My experience thus far seems to be one of the odd-one-out cases. That is, my dentist told me she has never had anyone complain of them like I have lol. The other dentists in that office concur that my reaction is unusual.
Basically, they're extremely painful and cause a constant headache making it difficult for to sleep, concentrate, and don't even get me started about eating...everything is painful! My teeth feel loose and are extremely sensitive to temperature, and anything besides supersoft foods (overcooked pasta), soup, yogurt,jello brings me to tears.
The upside is that I'm losing weight, which I wanted to do anyways. :)
My dentist did not offer any solution or advice. She repeatedly told me that it's an excellent fit and even condescendingly told me I should have expected them to be uncomfortable as they are MOVING MY TEETH. Geez, thanks. I didn't think it'd tickle, but damn.....
I have recently found message boards with others describing similar experiences, and most (if not all) of them give up pretty early in. But these cost waaaay too much money to just throw the trays away, and besides I really NEED my bite corrected. I just don't want to take Aleve all the time like I am now.
Does anyone have any knowledge or advice about this sort of problem with Invisalign?
My dentist is normally very sweet, but she has been useless for helping to reduce the pain I'm in. The only advice she gave me, after consulting others in the office, was to wear them for only a few hours at a time until the pain lessed and gradually increase till I can keep them in all the time without such extreme discomfort. I tried wearing them part-time for a week but the pain never lessened. In fact, it's actually really bad every time I take them out. So now I just leave them in, and am on my 3rd set of trays now. I think I have 22 sets total.

Anyone? Please, I'm open to any suggestions or advice.

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