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Forum Category: Ask the Doctors, and Other Medical Related Topics
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   EKG question  

2/28/2011 16:46
Posted By:  - SAINT CHARLES, IL  
Date Posted: 2/28/2011 16:46
   Any cardiologists around?.. I did a Vo2 max fitness test and they hooked up a EKG leads to me.. I received my results, and I forward on the EKG to my Dr. .. Mr. doctor calls me and tells me I show to much negative values on the I think it was the SL.. When I'm nearing or at my max HR for this test.. Wants a real stress test done.. said no hurry but get in done in 3 weeks.. 47 year old male, good shape I workout 5 to 8 hours a week, mainly cycling and running.. No chest pains, about 15 lbs over weight but I'm done from being 60 lbs over weight.. its a work in progress.. Past High Blood presure, but its back to normal with my wieght loss and new found fitness..
any idea? what this could be..

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