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Forum Category: Ask the Doctors, and Other Medical Related Topics
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   Please explain this to me  

3/31/2011 17:42
Posted By:  - VIRGINIA BEACH, VA  
Date Posted: 3/31/2011 17:42
I have a horrible fear of flying. So for two weeks before flying...the day of  and the same for the return I have horrible anxiety and I am a miserable person to be around. I have many flights of the fear. Last year a doctor gave me to fly with..What a miracle drug. It helped in the issues before during and after. So i go to my new doc (military) and they act like I am some kind of junkie asking for my trip. She wants to give me () a drug with a ton of side effects that is used for depression which I do not have. I have a phobia.  Now to the question.. Why would a doctor give me a drug with all of those horrible side effects and fight me on giving me a drug with less side effects? I felt like some kind of off the street by the way she talked to me. She finally agreed to give me 12 in the lowest dose possible...hardly enough to give me for the before and during part of the trip much less to get me back home. I am not a casual drinker so having cocktails before the flight is out of the question . I take loads of b vitamins to fight anxiety as well as gaba. But for the flying i need valuim..xanax doesn't work for me it actually makes me feel anxiety. Once I took something called colonapin (sp) and it worked but I was drugged. Valuim doesn't give me that drugged feeling. What is so difficult about this? ...I just need some help with my flying issue. I want to have a life and travel when I want! I have even gotten therapy for this fear and that is what got me on a plane...with Valium.

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