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Forum Category: Ask the Doctors, and Other Medical Related Topics
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   Dog Marking the Couch  

4/9/2011 18:59
Posted By:  - WAUKESHA, WI  
Date Posted: 4/9/2011 18:59
This is a question for the vets...

I have a gorgeous Deutsch Drahthaar.   He is 4 years old.  He is not fixed and I really have no intention of fixing him.  He is the sweetest, smartest, most biddable dog i hve ever owned or known.  He is a dog genius too. 

We also have an amazing Gordon Setter that is going on 11. He is fixed.  The two dogs get along fantastically and have never had cross words.  The DD has always accepted the Gordon's place as alpha and there is never any pecking order stuff between them.

We took my brother's little peekapoo rat dog thingy in back in October.  It took some adjustments and there were a few times in the first few weeks where teh DD would happily have snuffed the little guy.  We reached a middle ground though where the DD and the Peekapoo are indifferent to each other. 

The issue is the Peekapoo is allowed to be on the couch and chairs, while we trained the DD and the Gordon as puppies to stay off of the furniture.  When my brother is out of town, I have to pay attention to the Peekapoo, feed him, water him, and give him some attention. The DD is still clearly my favorite dog.  Lately, the DD has begun marking or peeing on the leg of the couch.  This is clearly a marking issue and is meant t osend a message to the Peekapoo that it is the DD's couch and he doesn't want him on it. 

We have gone as far as we can in disciplining the DD, putting his nose in it, telling him no, telling him bad dog.  I hav eno heart to continue to tell him he is bad when he has been absolutely perfect up until this.  I simply have never loved a dog like I love my DD.  He is my dog soul mate and we are very close.  So if I even frown at him, he comes unglued.  But, that is not stopping the marking.

We can go back to crating him when we are not home, but I fear that will come off as punishment to him and make things even worse.

Would any of the vets have any ideas of a less harsh, but effective way to solve this issue.  We can't get rid of the Peekapoo, so somehow, we need to get this stopped.

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