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Forum Category: Ask the Doctors, and Other Medical Related Topics
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   Mini Tummy tuck, lipo ,fat transfer and scar revision  

4/9/2011 20:32
Posted By:  - VIRGINIA BEACH, VA  
Date Posted: 4/9/2011 20:32
I have a few questions. I am planning on having a mini tummy tuck with lipo. I also want to have fat transfer on my face to give me a more youthful appearance and a scar revision under my breast that was caused by my implant replacement last year.
My questions:
1.What is the benefit to doing these all at once other than possible discount for already being anesthetized.
2. Will I really need pain medicine? I didn't use anything stronger than Tylenol pm  for my breast implants last year. Not only that but I am only having a very small amount of skin removed...so will I be in that much pain?
3. The only thing I really hate about  surgery is the nausea and anxiety after wards..what can I do to alleviate that?
4. Since I am already very physically active in the gym will my chances of quick recovery and not needing meds be higher?
5 What is the benefit of fat transfer over something like juevederm (sp)?
6. What should I expect from the liposuction as far as comfort and mobility?

I know that  I should ask my surgeon but I don't see him for another two weeks for the consultation and I am impatient..:)

Mrs Play

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