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Forum Category: Ask the Doctors, and Other Medical Related Topics
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   Dehydrated cat... trapped without water or food for a week:-(  

5/29/2011 11:56
Posted By:  - ASPEN, CO  
Date Posted: 5/29/2011 11:56
    We have cared for a beautiful feral cat for several years now. While she lives in our home, we have never been able to make contact with her, although she would often purr in our presence.

Last Saturday night (5/21) she got out the house, which was common. Usually she would return within a few hours, or not until the following night, but never during the daylight. On this occasion she did not show up the following night which immediately made us concerned. As the days passed, we assumed the worse:-(

Yesterday, (5/28) we got a call from a nearby hair salon saying a wild cat had broken through an air conditioning duct and looked in shock. I rushed over with a sheet that I hoped to secure her with, but unfortunately I was unable to restrain her. She broke loose and exited the building, and hasn't been seen since:-(

We learned that she got trapped in the ac duct last Monday when ac work was being done, but no one had a clue. So she has gone seven days now without any water or food. I have read various reports of cats surviving up to a week without water, but am losing hope by the minute. It seems that after a few days, a cat gets so dehydrated that it requires subcutaneous fluid therapy, as it won't drink on it's own, and even if it does, it cannot replenish enough fluid to survive.

I tried to acquire Lactated Ringer's solution to inject her with should she show up tonight, but unfortunately could not get any vet to give me a prescription for it without seeing the cat. Of course, with tomorrow being Memorial Day, the only clinic open will be the emergency clinic...  minimum $300 to walk in door.

If necessary, we will bite the bullet to save this beautiful animal, but if anyone has any thoughts on how we can rehydrate her if we get a second chance, we would appreciate it. Keep in mind, this cat is instinctively still very wild, but has spent most of the past five years indoors.

Joe & Michelle

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