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Forum Category: Ask the Doctors, and Other Medical Related Topics
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   Mole fell off...  

5/29/2011 14:57
Posted By:  - LINCOLN, NE  
Date Posted: 5/29/2011 14:57
In the past 48-hours, I had a mole on my neck raise, turn painful, develop a red circle around it, change color and then fall off.  What the hell!  This has happened a couple times before and I've just never thought about posting it in the forums.  I've had a couple other moles on my arms start to change shape, but none of them have done what this one has.  I'm fair skinned and don't use a tanning bed.  I don't know my family history for a possibility of cancer, because I'm adopted.  Why would a mole just all of a sudden raise, change color and fall off like this.  It wasn't a skin tag.  It's always just been a little cute light colored mole on the side of my neck.  When it does change it becomes painful like a spider bite and falls off within 48-hours.  It's very annoying and concerning.

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