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Forum Category: Ask the Doctors, and Other Medical Related Topics
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   Lower back pain?  

12/1/2011 18:45
Posted By:  - WAUKESHA, WI  
Date Posted: 12/1/2011 18:45
I lift like crazy. 

Last week, I had to go out of order on my back workout because someone was on the equipment I wanted.  I never go out of order, but I did this time.  I stayed pretty light.

About two days later, I could not walk or move witout excrutiating pain in my lower back.  It especially hurts to sit, and ESPECIALLY after I get up after sitting.  It takes me a few minutes to move the first two feet. 

It has been like this since the day before Thanksgiving.

I can't figure out what I could have done at the gym since I really stayed well below my maxes that day and really focused on form. It is possible this isn't what I did to hurt it.  I did shrugs a few days before that, again only shrugging a max of 400 which is well within my wheelhouse.  Perhaps I hurt it then and it took a few days to show.

But I am baffled.

Does this sound like a simple strain?
Does it sound more serious like a herniated disc?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.  I have never been hurt before and it sux not being in the gym.

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