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Forum Category: Ask the Doctors, and Other Medical Related Topics
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   Dear Doc V, about my dogs Lymph Glands  

9/2/2013 23:38
Posted By:  - SACRAMENTO, CA  
Date Posted: 9/2/2013 23:38
   I have a four yr old female, spayed Cane Corso who has been having some issues for some time now. She will be fine one minute then the nex thing t I know, she has swollen mandibular lymph glands (can get up to golf ball suzed), low appetite and what seems to be an over all feeling of malaise. No head shaking or ear scratching.

She has been seen by our vet twice for this, one time the vet said she had an ear infection and the other time inflammation low in her ear canal. Both treated with ear wash and antibiotics.

She (Saphira) has always had what seems to be a sensitive tummy. Dont ask how Or why I know this, just some things a mommy knows,,,, ya know? She is also somewhat overly sensitized to certain things. I worry about her, but our Vet has never felt her Lymph, malaise and appetite issues are anything alarming. Saphiras other nodes seem to all be normal size, just the mandibular ones get enlarged.

I have given her Benadryl, thinking perhaps it could be an allergy thing. The Benedryl either works to shrink the nodes or its just coincidence, I dont know. Saphira is on a Holistic Diet and only gets certain treats that she has been getting for ages. No table scraps, other than a meat scrap or two on ocassion, lfrom daddys plate (mommy doesnt eat animals :0))

Do you think perhaps I should take her to an allergest? I trust my Vet whole heartedly, as she has treated my furries and scaled alike, for twenty two yrs now. Just thought I would get a second opinion.

I am putting this in this post as well as in email. So if you respond to one, can you please copy and paste to,the other? Just in case what you have to say could be beneficial to someone else?

Any animal parents out there, who have had similar experiences, please feel free to chime in. I hate it when she isnt feeling well, and I can most certainly tell when her glands are swollen. Not just visually and by feel, I can see it in her face/eyes. She gets very cuddly like a child and just wants to be in my lap,,,,, like right now as I write this :,0/

Thank you for your time Doc V



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