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Question: How do I tell my lady that she smells unpleasant down there?

Dear Lounge Advice,
How can I tell my lady that her pussy does not smell good? I enjoy oral sex very much and usually associate smell with cleanliness. If a lady has an unusual/unpleasant odor, I will find ways to avoid giving her oral sex.
I have been with this lady for several months. She eats healthy, has good hygiene, works out & does not smoke. However, the only time her pussy does not have a strong/unpleasant odor, is right out of the shower. I have always enjoyed the scent & taste of a woman but this is very different. I have not said anything while waiting for the "right time" but that does not seem to be happening. I want to find a way to let her know about this because she enjoys oral sex very much & I want to provide that pleasure for her more often.
What can you suggest?



Dear (Anonymous),

Try some subtle hints first. When you are into a bit of heavy before oral, perhaps you can rub your fingers through that area and place them up to her mouth for her to suck on your fingers. Run your fingers under her nose first, so that perhaps she can smell what you are smelling. This technique seems a bit crude, but it would give her a chance to realize that perhaps she doesn't smell her best. Of course, this technique should be done without being obvious. Just make it seem that you're trying to be a bit sexy/kinky.
Another way to make a subtle hint is this: Find a nicely scented bath gel from Victoria's secret, and perhaps pick up a nice piece of lingerie for her while you're there. Give them to her as a gift, and tell her that you just love the scent of the gel. Draw her a bath and have her use the gel, all the while making a big deal out of how much you adore that smell. After she bathes, go down on her and again tell her that it is perhaps the most alluring thing you've ever smelled on her down there, and that you are so turned on. Of course, to drive this home, you'll need to put forth your best performance in the oral department so that she realizes how much that scent turns you on. This way, you can insist on her using it every time because you love it so much.
By doing this, you're not telling her that she smells unpleasant. Instead, you have romantically selected a gift for her and shown your enthusiasm for a special scent.
YOu may also want to consider buying a perfume or body spray in that same scent so that you can fawn over how good it smells elsewhere too, so as to take the focus off of her privates, lest she become suspicious about your enthusiasm for just using the scent 'down there'.
If those techniques fail, you'll just have to break it to her gently, and with all of the couth you can muster.
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