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Question: How do I go about telling friends/family I'm involved in this?

Dear Lounge Advice,

I am new to the life style and the lounge. I enjoy the life and want to be able to tell my friends and family about the choices that I have made. I guess I am looking for advice on telling people. I know that my choices will most likely no be accepted by the majority of people that know me, but I dont want to hide who I am and what I enjoy.

Any tips?



Dear (Anonymous),

You need to first consider the consequences of coming out in the open to those closest to you. If by hiding this from your friends/family, it will tear you up, then you should expalin it to them. Explain that the choices are yours, as is your life. They may not agree with the course of action you are taking, but they should be able to respect your choices. Let them know your reasons for telling them- that you want to be honest. Also, tell them that you feel that you can tell them these things because you trust them to be fair about how they judge you, and that you know they won't castigate you for opening up and trusting this information to them.
Consider this though:
Will this information be a catalyst for continual questioning or scrutiny from these people? Will they treat you differently because of it? Will they eventually accept this without making you feel as if you are in the wrong?
You need to weigh th outcomes of this carefully before opening up. It's very honorable of you to be honest with those you love, but think it over very carefully before doing so. Consider all of the questions they will ask you, and be prepared to have meaningful responses.
Do they truly need to know this about you? I have told a few of my regular friends about the lifestyle, but I knew they wouldn't judge me. I don't tell my family because they would not understand and would continue to make me feel like I was making an immoral choice.
Sometimes, people don't need to know everything about you. Sometimes it's not worth the hassle- you can explain it over and over but it just won't make a difference. I don't know what type of people your friends and family are, so you must decide if it will be worth the risk in the long run.

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