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Question: Is this worth a divorce?

Dear Lounge Advice,I've been married to the same man for 29 years and together 33. I am 48 and he is 53. We haven't had a "real" sex life in over 10 years. He has ED and nothing works for him. I asked him to consider an open marriage and he refuses. I've asked him to consider this lifestyle and he refuses. I've started using the Ashley Madison website last year and had a about 4 affairs, 2 were with unhappily sexually married men. The other 2 were single and divorced. I stopped using AM when I fell for a married guy and well you know...hearts break, but they don't break even! Anyway I still have one married lover and it's pretty good when we are together, but it's hard for him to get away. I am always so sexually frustrated and so damn horny (btw, got tired of vibrators, dildos, and fingers). I am thinking about divorce, but is this really worth divorcing? Yes, I am unhappy, but scared since I've been married since 19 to the guy I started dating at 15. I got married as a way to get out of my parent's house. I just wanted to live together, but he insisted that our parents would have a heart attack, so I gave in. Btw, he's always had a lower sex drive than me. Now he's overweight, diabetic, and has a heart condition. In the meantime, I have gotten physically fit and look HOT! What the hell should I do with my life?



Dear (Anonymous),

Yes, it is worth a divorce. I was faced with a similar situation and had to make a VERY hard choice that came with guilt and uncertainty. Yet, we have to be happy in the long run. If we cannot find our happiness, we must make tough decision and sever the ties before more time is lost.

I'm so sorry you're feeling this way. I truly understand.
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