Solutions to Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Do you have an affiliate program?
Answer:  No we do not.

Initially when we started the Lifestyle Lounge, we did offer an affiliate program. However, it wasn't too long that we started noticing many of our affiliate links were showing up on porn sites and other "shady" sites that did not attract our ideal candidate for membership. We terminated our affiliate program.

Our motto is: "Quality, not quantity."

Attracting quality members who are couples and singles is our most important goal.

We have found that other lifestyle websites that do offer affiliate programs, the result is a large quantity of members that don't belong in the lifestyle, who are there instead as picture collectors and looky loos.

Our experiences confirm that the Lifestyle Lounge has achieved overwhelming success in building our membership base. We have succeeded in attracting real and quality members by offering great features, valuable content, fabulous events and travel opportunities, not by offering financial rewards and other cheap gimmicks that attract the wrong type of members.

Lifestyle Lounge members are here for the right reasons because the majority have been referred by friends who have let them in on the best kept lifestyle secret on the web.

If you have visited other lifestyle websites, you know this to be true.