Solutions to Frequently Asked Questions
Question: How do I activate my cell phone for LL Text messaging?
Answer:  Select "My Account" on the main menu.

Then select the 4th item on the list:

Change your SMS texting preferences    

Scroll down until you see the input boxes for:

Cell # or PIN - SMTP Address

You must enter your cell phone number in the first text box and its SMTP address in the second box. If you do not know the SMTP address try the drop down box to the right labled "If you don't know your SMTP, select your Carrier". This is an extensive list of all the known cell phone providers. Once you locate and select your provider, your SMTP address will be automatically entered. You can also use your cell phone to send email to another email address, then look at the from address it uses.

The next step is to "Save Changes".

You will now see a red button that is labeled "To activate LL Texting, click here to verify your SMS address."

You will receive a normal email at the outside email address registered to your Lifestyle Lounge account and a text message to your cell phone.

In the outside email you will find a 5 digit code and directions including the activation email address. You must send a simple text message from your cell phone to the activation address that contains this exact 5 digit code.

This will verify that you own the cell phone based on it's SMTP address, number, and the verification code. If everthing matches we will authorize you to send and receive text messages via the Lifestyle Lounge.

If you do not receive this text message then you may need to contact your cell phone carrier's technical support for the proper SMTP address of your hand-held device.

If the text message is received and replied to with the proper code your cell phone will be approved in approximately 1-2 minutes. Once your cell phone is approved, the red button will turn green, and it will allow you to send a test text message to yourself.

You may now send and receive text messages with any LL member that has given you permission to do so.

If you have a problem with the verification process, please double check that you entered correct and accurate information in the signup form.