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Forum Category: Health and Fitness
 Originator Date Posted 
   Lifestyle Lounge Fitness Challenge  

8/6/2010 09:25
Posted By:  - CRYSTAL BAY, MN  
Date Posted: 8/6/2010 09:25
   In 2004, and then again in 2009 we sponsored a member fitness challenge contest.

The contested consisted of a 12 week self administered fitness program, where the members had to submit a before photo, and then an after photo once the 12 weeks were completed.

These photos were then entered into a photo contest, where the entire membership viewed and voted on the members based on their results.

My question is, should we do this contest again, and if the consenus is yes, when should we run it?

We ran these contests right after the 1st of the year when most people get serious about their new years resolutions.

I have no problem starting a new contest now, but I would like to get feedback first.

This is also a contest I would like to do once a year at the minimum. This new fitness forum will act as a good focal point and motivator.

What are your thoughts?

Here are links to the two previous contests:

Lifestyle Lounge Fitness Challenge 2004

Lifestyle Lounge Fitness Challenge 2009

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