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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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4/12/2010 21:04
Posted By:  - LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ  
Date Posted: 4/12/2010 21:04
   my first story....
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I arrive separately and you are already in your room but you gave me a key and so I slip in. You are laying on the bed wearing only board shorts and I slip out of my cover-up still in the bikini I was wearing on the lake. It had been all I could do to not look at you lustfully all day, and I couldn’t wait to feel your hands exploring my body.

You stand and come to me, one hand reaching to expose a nipple while the other grabs a handful of hair and gently pulls my head to the side revealing my neck for a nibble. I feel the strength of your body contrasted with the gentleness of your touch as your tongue traces a line from my neck to my breasts and I moan. I feel your erection building and ask you in a husky voice to remove your shorts and lay down, I need you to be naked so my mouth can explore.

I kiss you and shudder, the physical response you cause in me makes me lose my breath. I move along your amazing body and kiss and nibble my way to your nipples, the point of your hip, and tease very close to your hard cock with my tongue and my lips. I graze my nails across your chest and stomach and watch your throbbing cock react to my teasing until I can't resist any more and take you inside my mouth. I taste your precum as I circle the head of your cock with my tongue and you thrust deep into my throat. I gag a little as your size is more than I can take completely; it's a bit frustrating to not be able to handle all of you. I continue, knowing I'll have difficulty waiting any longer and that I need to feel you inside me.

You sense my longing, reach for me and in an instant I'm on my back and can feel your body on top of me and your cock pressing ever so near my swollen lips. You tease me for what seems an eternity with just the head of your cock pressing into me and then an antagonizing longing for pleasure as you remove it. I begin to open my mouth to beg for you, but you cover my mouth with yours kissing me deeply as suddenly you push deep inside causing me to gasp and cum instantly.

Our bodies react instinctively to each other, and you remind me to breathe as you rhythmically press deep inside me, pausing as your hips press into me hard and my hips open even wider in desire to take all of you inside me. You have incredible control and enjoy toying with me; you watch my face and tease me by changing your rhythms depth and stroke. You pause as i'm ready to cum denying the pleasure so it will build and make the next release even more powerful.

Again I find myself quickly in a new position, suddenly on top and riding you so deep inside me. It would seem to someone watching that I'm now in control, but I'm not, your hands on my hips limit my movements and you continue to tease me. As I feel you stroking and throbbing inside me, I'm close to cumming and this time you allow it. The waves of pleasure come so strongly i collapse on your chest, but you are not done with me yet. Laying me on my back you tease my nipples and drift slowly down teasing my clit with your tongue. Its amazingly sensitive from the recent climax and my hips lift involuntarily in response to your touch. Your fingers stray inside me and you make me cum again, then place your fingers in my mouth asking me to taste my sweetness.

You move to kiss me and enter me in one swift movement, and I know now from the difference in your pace and expression that you intend to make me cum hard and fast. You pound your cock into me and my pussy tightens around you in response. As I begin to come, this wave lasts and lasts. You thrust harder and harder and as i explode in pleasure you pull out and suddenly i'm covered in the evidence of your pleasure.

You lay down beside me, kiss my neck and whisper in my ear... "Round 1... go clean up."

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