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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   The note part 2  

6/20/2010 07:28
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 6/20/2010 07:28
   Upon entering the room, the therapist introduced herself as Jackie. Like a bolt of lightning the name sent her mind racing back in time. What a coincidence she thought. For a moment she began to reflect to another day such as this a couple years back that turned into one of the most erotic experiences ever. Jackie continued on by saying that John had instructed her as to a few things you would enjoy during the massage. She went on for a few moments questioning any sensitive or problem areas. With that Jackie said she would be back in a couple minutes and to get undressed to her comfort level and under the sheet.

As the door shut, she began to undress. She hadn't had a massage in ages and was a tiny bit nervous undressing. She knew this was a professional and yet getting totally naked around another woman she hadn't met before had her a bit on edge. Here she was, someone who had played with women and enjoyed a woman on occasion and yet she worrying about a massage. Maybe what had her in the current state was how Jackie looked. She wasn't hard on the eyes. She seemed nice enough. At that moment she started wondering how John had found this place and what things did John tell Jackie. Removing the last of her clothes, she found herself looking at a mirror on the wall. Wow, not bad she thought. Oh how far she had come in such a short period of time. Moving to the table, she pushed aside the thin white sheet and slide into position in no time. Repositioning the sheet upon her and with her head cradled in place, she was ready. No sooner than that and she heard the door open. "Are you comfortable?" Jackie asked. With a quiet semi muffled reply, "Yes mame". An instant chuckle came from Jackie. "You can call me Jackie, dear."

Jackie began by explaining the type of oil she was going to use and how the massage was to be relaxing and exhilarating. She told her to relax and let your mind float away to any place you would like. The room began to be filled with some relaxing music for the mood. A most exquisite fragrance filled the air as well. Oh, how pampered she began feeling. She knew she wouldn't begin to thank John enough for the most timely event. She heard what appeared to be oil being rubbed between Jackie's palms, with the thin sheet being pushed up her calves some next. As the massage was beginning,she began to relax and take in the sensations. She seemed to be floating to another place. Jackie was very talented indeed. She wondered if John had previously experienced her talents. She also began wondering where John was at that moment. Knowing him as much as she did, he had to be up to something, he always seemed to be.

A few moments more and she felt the sheet pushed up her thighs higher, she felt her nipples harden some as Jackie's fingers lightly grazed her inner thighs. For a moment she wondered if it was by accident. She was feeling as relaxed as in ages. As Jackie's fingers were working their magic on her and thighs, she began to day dream about the other Jackie of a couple years back. The images and events of that day began to become so vivid, oh so hot. The mix of the relaxing hands upon her and the thoughts of that past erotic experience had her soon with mixed feelings. She knew her nipples had become erect, but she began to feel self conscious that her pussy had began to feel wet. She hoped Jackie wouldn't notice her condition.

She felt the sheet covering her legs once more and soon Jackie was at the top of the table. She was startled with a soft whisper in her ear, "are you enjoying so far? Jackie asked. "Very much so,, you reply breathlessly. You instantly feel self conscious with how you reply. You wonder how Jackie takes it. You feel her warm strong hands on your shoulders and neck. Her touch is just the right firmness. Soon she is working out all those knots in your back and shoulders. You moan involuntarily as she hits just the right spot. Again, you blush and become nervous as to how you react. Jackie's talents were evident and she asked her how long she had been a therapist. Jackie responded with some background how she had gotten into massage and how long she had been at this location. With that Jackie asked her to turn over slowly. Feeling unsteady, she turned on her side and paused just a moment. Jackie had the thin sheet and yet she wondered if she was checking out her body. Jackie was on the exposed side of the sheet and reached a hand to help her position onto her back. As she lay on her back, she wondered if Jackie would notice her erect nipples pressing hard against the thin sheet. She's a professional, she must see things of that nature all the time, she thought. Jackie then covered her eyes with a rolled up cloth. "This will help keep the light out of your eyes and allow you to relax more." she replied.

Soon she felt the oiled hands at her shoulder blades and neck. The feeling was incredible, oh how she seemed to know her body so well. Every knot and tightness seemed to be effortlessly worked on and relaxed. The sheet pushed lower down her chest, almost exposing the tops of her nipples. She began to wonder if this was as far as it would go. She was a professional none the less. Again, she was surprised by a whisper in her ear, "you have incredible breasts." She instantly felt her body shiver. Now, for sure she knew this wasn't professional. Not knowing how to immediately respond she fought for the right words. All she could muster up was a simple "thank you." She felt Jackie move to the foot of the table and begin on her calves once more. The touch was perfect she really knew her job. Relaxing once more, she soon got the surprise. She was jolted by another pair of hands on her breasts on the top of the sheet. A voice chimed in immediately, "surprise." Her body reacted upon this. John was here. She wondered how she didn't hear him there before. Her mind was working overtime now. He began to speak, "I've been here the whole time, I hope your enjoying Jackie's talents." She replied, "Yes sir".

"Enjoy, but from here on the rest of the massage will be less professional," he replied. With that she felt the thin sheet pushed lower exposing her breasts. Her nipples instantly were covered. His mouth began to circle one of her nipples as his fingers began to tease the other. The sheet at the same time was pushed higher, allowing Jackie to see her pussy for the first time. Jackie began to trail her fingers slowly up her inner thighs. The sensation of her nails sent a volt right to her brain, pushing that button to send her body into another place.

There was many sensations going on at once. Her mind was trying to take all of this on. She was nervous, yet highly turned on all at once. Wow, was this an unexpected turn of events, she thought. She was in heaven, feeling those two work in tandem. He had knew exactly how she liked her breasts and nipples handled and Jackie's fingers were teasing her mercilessly, trailing a path higher and higher. She felt Jackie's tongue for the first time. A kiss was planted on her inner thigh. More a trail of light kisses worked closer and closer to her moist area. Involuntarily her legs widened, almost beckoning her higher. Just as she thought the tongue was going to taste her for the first time, she felt Jackie step away. At the same time, John was gone as well. Frustration set in immediately. What was going on she wondered.........

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