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   Trapped and caught in the act.  

11/15/2011 12:20
Posted By:  - NEW WINDSOR, NY  
Date Posted: 11/15/2011 12:20

I met Devon in the summer of my thirtieth year. I was still single then and as with most young American males always horny. At that time I didn’t know Devon was seventeen she certainly came across much closer to twenty something than late teens. Devon’s persona had certain Je ne sais quoi  perhaps it was her maturity or her sheer enjoyment of life or both.  I am not sure she was aware of it or perhaps she was but to impress upon her a  flirtatious advance would only resulted in an inviting smile and a “bring it.”  attitude, a quality I found  most intoxicating. To describe Devon’s look one only has to remember Racquel Darrian the angelic porn goddess of the 90’s. If you’re not familiar I suggest you  Google the name immediately it’s worth the trip believe me. Anyway my ambition ran very high that summer day I met Devon at the equine boarding farm where she kept her horse Kelso stabled. Devon was a new boarder there and I the farm farrier, if you don’t know a farrier is a horseshoer. I was asked to have a look at the new boarders horse down in the indoor and so I  went down to the viewing room to watch her horse workout. The viewing room is built into the large indoor arena and elevated a few feet above ground level to offer a clear view across the span, huge glass windows are actually two way mirrors so parents and spectators can watch without disrupting the students. The room is furnished like a study with end tables, reading lamps and soft overhead lighting, two large pillow soft leather couches invite you to sit and relax as you watch your child take a lesson. The farm owner  pointed to the bay gelding on the far side of the arena.  I watched the bay jog down the rail around the turn. I couldn’t detect any lameness. I kept my eye on the horse as he jogged less than three feet in front of me as I stood in the viewing room .
The rider was wearing the required safety gear, a riding helmet and protective impact vest.  I did manage a quick glance at the way the rider filled out her Levis as she jogged away from me then  I turned to the farm owner and said.
“He looks sound from here, I’ll know more when pull his shoes and trim his feet,”
Back at the barn I met the bay gelding’s owner for the first time as she turned to me and extended her hand.
“Hi I’m Devon and that ’s Kelso.” She said as she gesture to her horse standing in cross ties.
How could I have been anything less than floored.  I was.

We discussed what problems she was having with Kelso and I learned that he had a habit of refusing fences or in layman terms stopping short and letting the rider go over the fence with out him. I did have a hard time focusing as I explained Devon’s appeal was intoxicating and my mind wondering off to Racqeul Darrian videos I had enjoyed in the past.  Of course I  was able to overcome my fantasy and after intense investigative work on Kelso’s feet I concluded he was foot sore on the forehand and gave him a more shock absorbent shoeing job than he previously had. Devon was more than impressed with my work and showed it in her flirtatious and thankful demeanor. Throughout the day I had to draw my mind back from Devon fantasy to horseshoeing reality. I finally arrived at the end of my day and while packing the truck one of the farm owner stuck her head out of her office and said.
“What’d you do to Devon?”
“What are you talking about?” I replied.
 “She seems to think you’re some sort of horse shoeing super hero.”
A shit eating grin appeared on my face.
“Just my job.” I said.
The look on my face must have said it all because the next words came out in a jealous snarl.
  “Don’t get any ideas she’s only seventeen.”
When I finally picked my jaw off the floor I determined that no matter how intoxicating this Racquel Darrian fantasy of mine was it was just not meant to be. I kept reminding myself that seventeen will get you twenty which is probably what kept me out of trouble.

As time went by Kelso improved to the point of no longer refusing fences. In Devon’s eyes I was now more than a horseshoeing super hero I was now elevated to horseshoeing god. It seemed that as the summer went on she presented more and more attention to me on my weekly visit to the farm. I suppose for a young girl of her maturity she probably did not relate well to guys her own age who knew nothing about horses. I must have become, in her mind, more than just the farm farrier. I have to admit I was tempted to take her attention and run with it but I stood my ground.
The rest of the summer went on the same way.  I’d push Devon out of my mind then I’d show up at the Farm and the sight of Devon would take me places I shouldn’t have even considered.  Devon would always say hello and flirt with me just a bit and I would keep my eyes on my work and  our relation strictly professional.
Summer finally transitioned into Fall and Devon returned to school for her senior year.  I didn’t see Devon after that which was good because her flirtatious way had tortured me all summer.  By October I had shaken the thought of Devon from mind with the help of my future wife, Mrs. Kaliride, although at that time Kali and Mr. Ride did not yet exist. I spent that fall discovering Kali and gotten on with working my way through another winter which seemed to fly by as Kali and I fell in love. Winter finally turned to spring and spring to summer and the return of the high school girls, Devon included.  Devon still came around to visit me on my days at the farm over that summer but when Devon would stop by to say hello I no longer felt the lust I had the previous summer. Yes, she was still  beautiful at eighteen and I still found her attractive but the moment had passed and my mind was on the future with Kali.  I know I had mentioned Kali and our impending marriage during my talks with Devon again hoping she would not torture me as often but all that seemed to do was somehow up the stakes. I suppose I must have seem more a buddy to Devon after that because she would often confided the more personal side of her life to me.  I heard about boyfriends and breakups and outings with her girlfriends, topics we never talked about before.  I have to admit I rather enjoyed hearing about Devon’s escapades.  As time marched on Kali and I got to know each other to the fullest extent a couple possibly can. We shared our every sexual whim and desire leaving no stone unturned, Devon included. We had already dipped our toes in the lifestyle pool before we married, after we married we dove right in.  Summer would always see Devon’s return to the farm  and I still maintained a solid friendship with her. Years went by and eventually eighteen turned into twenty two. By now Kali and I had been in the lifestyle for about three years. We’d been with many couples as well as a few select single males and Kali’s bisexual curiosity had been satisfied in finding that while she does enjoyed the sweet softness of a woman her taste still lies with the hard edge of a man.  As for me, I had to pinch myself from time to time to be sure I wasn’t just having a dream. Marriage was turning out to be much more fun than I could have imagined.

At twenty two Devon took a position as barn manager at the farm. By this time she had enough experience to run riding camp and manage the barn which basically meant she was in charge of everything all the way down to who would be on my list of horses to be shod every Wednesday.  As always Devon kept me posted on just about everything from how Kelso performed at horse shows, to boyfriends, frat parties and even some of her sexual escapades . On one particular chat session, while shaping a hot shoe, Devon mentioned walking in on her roommate at college.  I found this intriguing and had to inquire.  
“Walked in on what?” I said.
Devon revealed a devilish smirk and said, “Actually Janie and I planned the whole thing.”
“Oh?” My mind was beginning to spin.
“Yep! I wanted to watch her go down on her boyfriend so we set it up so I could walk in on them.”
“What happened?” I said as my mind went to full alert.
“I walked in.  He freaked and left.”
“No kidding?” I replied, as matter of fact as I could. “What were you hoping would happen?”
“I don’t know,” she declared in a casual tone. “ But seeing Janie was a turn on.”
“What turned you on?” I asked as my mind shifted from full alert to def-con five.   
“The juice dripping down the inside of her leg.” She chirp followed by an guilty giggle.
I dropped the hot shoe and fumbled to recover it with the tongs. Devon just chuckled and wander off to her business. Later in the day she dropped by again as I was finishing up. She seemed out of sorts so I asked what was up.
“I need a good equine dentist to go over Kelso’s teeth,” she said.
“I’ve got just the guy hold on a sec,” I said as I went to my truck.
I keep business cards in a card holder above the visor of my truck along with an eight by ten photo of Kali in a sexy bikini pose. I can’t help that I like looking at my wife. When I pulled down the visor for the business cards the picture of Kali fell out onto the ground. When I turned to pick it up Devon was bending for it.
“Is this your wife?” she asked.
I smiled at the picture of Kali as I always do and said.
“Yep! That’s my girl.”
“Wow she’s a hottie.” Devon smiled as she handed me the picture. “Way to go,” she said in a verbal high five.
That evening I replayed the conversation with Devon for Kali over our dinner.
“You should introduce me to her sometime.” She said.
Which I definitely took to heart.
    By mid summer the heat and humidity was wrecking havoc on horseshoers, myself included. Horses spent the better part of the day stomping flies off their legs and as a result clinches were popping and horse shoes were dropping all over the county.  I wasn’t surprised to hear Devon’s voice when I answered the phone on a Saturday afternoon.
“Sorry to call on the weekend but I’ve got one missing a shoe.”
“I’m not surprised Dev,”  I turned and winked at Kali standing over my shoulder at the kitchen sink.
“I’ll take care of it Monday morning,” I said as Kali listened in.
“I thought we were taking the boat out Monday?” Kali whispered.
 I turned to Kali over my shoulder,  hand over the phone.
“We’ll  stop by on our way up to the lake.” Then I turned back to the phone.
“I’ll see you Monday morning Dev.” I said and I hung up.

We pulled up to the barn bright an early Monday morning and parked in my regular work spot. The place was always quiet since the farm  is closed on Mondays. Kali followed me over to checked the message board which read.   I’m down in the indoor arena. Devon.
“I guess she wants us to come to the indoor arena.”
 As Kali and I approached the arena I heard the sound of hooves pounding packed sand and clay and a horse‘s labored breathing.  I said to Kali.
“I guess she giving Kelso a good work out.”
“Sounds like it.” Kali wisecracked.
 “I haven’t seen him under saddle in a long time let’s slip into the viewing room and watch for minute.”
I didn’t think Devon noticed our arrival as we moved quietly into the dimly lit viewing room and sat down on the long couch facing the two way mirror. We watched as Kelso moved briskly along the far wall of the arena in an extended trot. Devon seemed fully focused on her mount as she posted vigorously up and down the crest of  her Argentine leather saddle and yet there was something peculiar about Devon’s body motion I couldn’t put my finger on.   The sky lights in the arena don’t offer much illumination so I could not see clearly until she and Kelso rounded the near corner and headed down the viewing room side of the arena.  Devon continued to pump up and down in the irons as she moved toward the room. As she moved into closer proximity to Kali and I her face came into focus.  Devon’s eyes were closed and her facial expression was anything but focused on her mount.  
“Is that proper form?”  Kali asked suspiciously as my eyes remained glued to Devon.
The closer she came the more I recognized the peculiarity of her motion. At the top of each posting stride Devon would arch her back the tiniest bit, pitch her hips slightly forward and let herself  glide down the crest of the saddle, massaging that delicate area in front we men love so much.  At the bottom of her seat she’d squeeze her legs, hit the irons, straighten back up and glide back to the crest of the saddle and start the rotation again.
“I……don’t think so.” I said with my mouth hanging slightly agape.
“It looks like he’s giving her the workout.” Kali snickered.
As Devon and Kelso passed in front of the viewing room I realized she wasn’t wearing a helmet or an impact vest. As a matter of fact,  Devon had very little on at all other than a sports bra which was working with all it’s might to contain Devon’s cleavage.  As Devon jogged Kelso away from us I could see she was wearing cut off shorts under her riding chaps. As she rolled her hips back at the bottom of her seat and began to move up the crest I thought I saw a wet spot on her denim cut offs.  Needless to say I was aroused and all the years I spent pushing the nasty lust filled Racquel Darrian fantasy from my mind came instantly flowing back right along with flow of blood filling my cock.  Kali, being familiar with my lust for Devon, turned to survey my reaction. I suppose the impending bulge in my jeans gave her the answer she was looking for.  Kali pushed me back onto the couch and unzipped my fly freeing my growing erection and guiding it into her mouth.  I sat in the dark viewing room watching Devon’s frenzied pumping action as she rounded the arena. As Devon  passed the room a second time I focused on her facial expression. There’s something about watching that total sexual abandon on a woman’s face and Devon’s just blew me away.  Between Devon’s erotic expression and Kali’s magic mouth I was easily closing in on orgasm. I could tell by the way Kali was attacking my cock that she was horny and probably very wet in her short shorts as well.  Devon must have passed the viewing room six or seven times, I lost count somehow as I sat in the darkness and imagined what she tasted and smelled like while Kali worked her magic.  At one point I had to grab Kali’s head to stop her motion as I focused on controlling my orgasm. Kali lifted her head and turned to the arena to watch Devon.  She pulled aside the hem of her short shorts revealing her soaking wet pussy.  She then dipped her fingers into herself and removed  her salty sweet juice for my awaiting mouth. We both watched Devon as she rounded the corner and headed again toward the viewing room.  She brought Kelso slowly down to a walk. I could see her respiration was highly elevated by the heaving of her breasts. Her eyes were opened but seemed to be focused on some distant vision beyond her immediate surroundings. As she moved closer to us  her eyes closed and her stomach muscles began to contract pitching her body forward. Kelso came to a complete halt directly in front of the viewing room.  Kali and I watched in rapture silence as Devon’s body began to tremble and then quake. As she exploded into full orgasm she threw her head back and rubbed her clit right through her cut offs.  She seemed to hang there in that moment of release for several minutes but I’m sure it was more like several seconds. Then her orgasm seemed to release her body from it’s grip and she wilted and slowly pitched forward onto Kelso’s neck.  I caught Kali from the corner of my eye rubbing herself as I watched Devon lay panting on Kelso’s neck for a few seconds as she regained her senses.  Suddenly Devon sat upright and looked around.  I wasn’t sure what she had seen or heard that alarmed her, maybe she remembered the note on the blackboard or maybe she sensed our presences in the viewing room because in that instant she turn and looked into the room and right at me. I swear by the way her eyes met mine she could see me right through the mirrored glass.  Kali saw it too and whispered.
“You think she knows we’re in here?”
“I don’t know.”  I said as I watched Devon slide off Kelso and ran up her stirrups. “I think we’re about to find out.”
“We have to get out of here.” Kali said.
I could hear the tension in her voice.
“We can’t she’s right by the door she’ll see us.”
I watched as Devon un buckled the girth and lifted the saddle from Kelso’s back.
“What do we do?” Kali said.
My mind raced to the only conclusion it could find. I got up and moved to the arm of the couch facing the door and said.
“Take off your shorts and suck my cock.”
“Just do it.”
We had less then a thirty seconds to react so there was no arguing. We’d been married a few years now and in that time we’d done some crazy shit but nothing like this. We were edgy with the sexual anxiety of being trapped and caught both at the same time. Kali moved into position with her ass facing the door and began to suck my cock.  The nervous tension filled my cock to maximum capacity and I could tell it was causing Kali’s pussy to go from soaking wet to dripping.
I looked out at Devon as she slid off Kelso’s bridal and turned him loose in the arena. She hung the saddle and bridal over the outside railing. Then she ducked under the out gate and out of my sight toward the viewing room.  I kept my eyes down on Kali’s bobbing head as I listened to the door knob turn and the door slowly glide open. I waited several seconds before I brought my eyes up.  Devon stood in the door frame her eyes riveted on Kali’s beautiful firm round ass, which was exactly what I hoped for, then her eyes slowly came up to meet mine. I smiled and said
“Come in and close the door.”
Devon offered no argument. She just slowly closed the door and as if on remote control  glided into the room, all the while gazing at Kali’s ass and the honey suckle that dripped from her vagina. As Devon approached,  her eyes asked my consent to touch. I smiled my approval and watched as Devon slowly lowered herself into position behind Kali. Kali reached between her legs and with cupped fingers caught the flow of her juice then skillfully raised her cupped hand to my lips and I drank the sweet nectar and watched as Devon’s lips kissed then her teeth gently nipped the soft skin of Kali’s ass.  I heard my lover moan.  Devon reacted instantly and slid her mouth along the curve of Kali’s buttocks and down along the valley of her ass to the dripping wetness below. I was a little surprised at how poised Devon seemed but I shouldn’t have been. Devon always carried herself with confidence which is one of the things I found so attractive about her.  From this angle I couldn’t see Devon’s face anymore only the top of her head. Kali began to wriggle and moan pressing her weight against Devon’s face.   Devon’s skillful onslaught of Kali’s pussy was nothing less than brilliant.  I knew this because Kali could no longer concentrate on her work and so stopped sucking on my cock, which with much difficulty I tuck back into my jeans. I watched as my Lover bucked and her body shook in orgasm after orgasm above Devon until her knees finally buckled and I had to grab her by the waist to keep her from falling. When Devon finally removed her face from Kali’s pussy my Lover’s juices ran down Devon‘s chin. She smiled devilishly at us.
“It’s your turn.” I said as I motion her to lie down on the couch.
Devon stood to meet Kali at eye level. My Lover kissed Devon on the mouth and licked the juice from her lips then she smiled at Devon and said.
“Thank you”
“It was my pleasure,” Devon replied.
“Let me return the favor.”
And with that My Lover unbuckled Devon’s riding chaps as I unzipped the legs. Devon stepped out of her chaps and Kali helped Devon off with her sports bra as I watch her beautiful twenty two year old breast bounce back into place. Kali then guided her to the couch and onto her back. Devon raised her hips so Kali and I could remove her soaked cut offs shorts. We both gaze upon the most beautifully flourishing pussy one could imagine. I stood to the side and watched as Kali went to work slowly dragging Devon’s juices up to the tip of her clit and then gently brushing her tongue back and forth across it. Devon’s hips began a rocking motion and I watched as her eyes close and her hands cup her breasts.  I angled closer to within Devon’s grasp. Her eyes opened and fell on me and then down to the bulge in my jeans.   I unbutton and lowered my jeans in hope that Devon would respond.   Her gaze was focused on my cock as it sprung from my briefs. I wanted desperately for Devon to take me in her mouth but she did not and so I began to stoke myself. Devon watched cupping her breasts hard and letting her pert nipples slid between her fingers pinching the tips as she rotated her hips in Kali’s face. I watched as the rise and fall of her breasts increased with the flicking of Kali’s tongue.  Sensing Devon would not respond to me I moved around behind my Lover and watched Kali furiously work two fingers into Devon as she glided her tongue to the point just beneath Devon’s clit then back down again. I wanted to push Kali aside and fuck Devon hard.  I wanted to feel her vaginal muscles clasping around my cock the way they were around my Lover’s fingers and the intense wetness of Devon’s pussy but having come to this point unprepared and without a condom all I could do was watch these two sex driven nymphs and stroke.  Devon whimpered and moaned with delight as she rocked her hips up and down against Kali’s tongue. She braced herself with both hands against the arm of couch and pressed against my Lover’s mouth to add friction as she now rode Kali to orgasm. I watched closely as Devon repeated her earlier performance. Kali’s ass was to me and at a good angle of attack. Her pussy dripped her sweet wet warmth beckoning me and so I lowered myself to my knees and glided into her, Kali felt beyond superb.  I rolled my hips into her she began to moan softly with each thrust. Devon’s hips began to tremble and quake now as she fell into the void of orgasm for the second time. I listened to her passion which only drove me on. Kali thrust her finger with more intensity and lightened the stroke of her tongue as Devon violently shook and withered to her end and lay panting on the couch. Kali and I broke and moved to the back of the couch. She lay her torso over the couch back placed one leg out to the side for deeper penetration. I knew this meant she wanted to be fucked very hard and I oblige as I bent slightly at the knees and drove in hard, my hips pounded against her ass with each thrust. Kali’s soft sigh of lust increased in volume filling the room with added intensity from each slapping thrust of my hips against her ass.
“Oooh yeah fuck me hard like that.”
I thrust harder, our skin making a thwapping sound.
“Oooh fuck yeah, like that.”
“like that”
“like that”
I’m so lost in in the moment I don’t notice Devon until her hands are running up my chest from behind me. She presses her body hard against mine using her arms to pull me into her. As I thrust my hips forward into Kali, Devon thrusts with me. I can feel her breast press hard against my back and the soft bristle of her bush against my ass driving into me as I thrust forward into Kali. The harder we drive the louder Kali chants.
“ Oh Fuck!”
“like that!”
Kali is panting hard and bracing herself against the couch cushions. Devon is slamming her pelvic bone into my ass as if it were a cock and she’s fucking me with it and I am sandwiched in between these two sexual sirens on the edge of orgasm. I feel my climatic contractions emanating from deep within the base of my cock between my legs. Devon senses my contraction as my body looses rhythm with hers. She releases both arms from my chest and places her right hand flat against my stomach just above my pelvis bone then she separates her body from mine enough to place her left hand just between my legs and strokes my prostate.  Kali’s wet pussy saturates everything within close contact to it including Devon’s fingers and they feel delightful as they glide along the bottom of my shaft. I feel the intensity of my orgasm build as Devon strokes, my respiration rising as my whole body starts to involuntarily contract. Just before I reach the pinnacle of my release Devon presses her right hand against my stomach pulling me away from Kali. My cock spring free and Devon grabs it instantaneously and continues to stroke. Kali withers over the couch back and just as I am about to cum, Devon still stroking both my cock and my prostate, drives a finger into me penetrating my asshole.
“Oooooh Fuuuuck!” I wail as Devon guides my orgasm spray over Kali’s beautiful ass. My body shakes and I have to catch myself as my knees buckle several times. It feels as if my orgasm won’t end as Devon strokes ever bit of cum from me until my cock is so over sensitized it feels it will burst. My knees buckle a final time and I wither to the floor holding onto the couch for support.  I sit there un aware of how long. Kali comes to me and taps my shoulder. I look up at Devon and Kali standing together over me, two beautiful creatures and I smile.
“Okay, where’s this horse with the shoe off?”


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