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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   The Big question of STD  

9/9/2012 18:00
Posted By:  - NEW YORK, NY  
Date Posted: 9/9/2012 18:00
   Although I have played with a couple, I would call myself fairly new into this lifestyle. 

What scares me about most people in the lifestyle is that they give little regard to STD. At best I see people saying that they are ok with kissing and oral but will use condoms for intercourse. This is of course not enough as many serious STDs such as Herpes would spread VERY EASILY with kissing, oral or even with using condoms.

There is another thread that I just saw in the forum that was talking about how people would just not play if "no kissing and oral" is  a rule put forward by another couple. I read quite a few responses in the thread and was expecting that someone would mention the big question of STD. But I saw none.

 I would like to know what kind of considerations you give before you have any sexual contact with someone. Please notice that someone claiming that they are STD free is not enough unless backed by couple of VERY RECENT std test report.

If you go by numbers then "There are about 500,000 new cases (of Herpes) each year in America." (from http://www.herpesclinic.com/genitalherpes/genitalherpesstatistics.htm )

This number alone is ofcourse is very scary. And we have not talked about other STDs yet.

I see that there is very little emphasis on STD test reports in general in the lifestyle. Claiming yourself clean does not make you clean.

So, my question is why would you not insist on a STD test report as requirement for playing with someone? 
Why is this not ingrained in the lifestyle culture? Would you rather risk the sexual health of yours and your loving partner?

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