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   Am I overlooking anything?  

3/13/2013 08:40
Posted By:  - ALEXANDRIA, MN  
Date Posted: 3/13/2013 08:40
A couple we've been friends with for a few years recently made their way into the LS. Imagine their surprise when I asked their guy about it (is there a word for the "Spidey Sense" you have in the LS?), and said we do that too! We got around to the question of would you be interested. I told the guy that I didn't think my wife would be. Turns out my wife put him in the "maybe" category and his wife in the "yes please" category. They both wanted us.

We had them over for dinner. We decided ahead of time to not play that night. Had a great conversation. We received a text from them shortly after they left thanking us and telling us they'd like to get together. We responded with a yes. Some flirty texts during the week with me and the female half of the couple. Had some talk that it was unclear how much my wife would want to do (if any) with the male half. The next weekend we were to get together, but had a sick kid. After telling them this, they asked if I could still make it out for drinks. I asked if they just wanted to talk or I should ask for a hall pass. They said they were thinking hall pass. Talked to my wife and she said ok, just be home at 1:30. We talked a long time at the bar, and we left for their house late. I drove the female half home so we could chat privately. By the time we got to their house it was getting to the point where I didn't want to start anything as I know to respect my curfew! We stayed in the car and kissed for a while and let it go at that.

Since then, they've said they want more, and both of the ladies want to get together. They say they are ok that my wife isn't really interested in the guy, that she can watch and join in wherever she likes with whoever. My wife is excited by that idea. We're all four going out Saturday night and I'm trying to imagine the scenario when we head home. My thought was maybe just encourage people to warm up with some kissing of their own partner, let the girls do their thing, and us guys can give our wives some attention. From there, let people respectfully do whatever with a clear statement (before things get started) that my wife doesn't want to do anything with their Mr unless she asks.

I'm sure I'll have to initiate things, so I'm looking for ideas/gotchas that you might see based on the background info I've shared. We've only done things with singles and couples where we both swapped. I realize I'm probably over thinking this and it's ok to say so. - Thanks, Geek.

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