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   Thank you LL for being my family....  

12/3/2013 10:27
Date Posted: 12/3/2013 10:27
   Hello - Yes, I am alive...and my LL profile is back up...(My profile was taken off last March due to my personal family finding out about my lifestyle).

Thank you LL for doing that, LL is a family to me.

I wanted to share my story with you: I am not looking for sympathy. Just wanted to share my story with you.

Last February I had flu like symptoms with a severe headache, after 4 days I felt back to normal. Then on March 10, 2013, I had the flu type symptoms again and my speech was slurred. I went to the ER and was transferred in an ambulance to the UofM Hospital and CAT Scan results said I had dry blood in my brain from February Aneurysms and I suffered from a ruptured Cerebral Aneurysms and was about to have another one. Immediately they did a 5 hour surgery and inserted a stint. The Doc・s said if I survived I would more likely be a vegetable and only 50% do not survive Aneurysms. They educed coma for three weeks in the ICU. I was then transferred to rehabilitation for one week and my memory came intact and I did physical therapy. I was a survivor!

During this period, my parents and son found out about my lifestyle and threw out many personal belongings of mine. They were disgusted in my lifestyle. They denied any friends to visit me at the hospital and portrayed them as bad influences on me.

In summary:

The Doc・s at the UofM said I was a miracle. The Aneurysms were caused by high blood pressure. Adding in my smoking cigarettes and alcohol made it become bombs. I was notified in ICU that my family found out about my lifestyle and threw away many of my belongings. My parents would not bring my cell phone or laptop to me while I was in recovery. I had no way of calling Gerry, my boyfriend or any of my friends. My blood pressure rose and the Doc・s informed me that I was of adult age to make my own decisions as to who gets my health information and coherent to make my own decisions.

Fortunately my boyfriend, Gerry from Chicago and great friend, Leesa worked with the Doc・s to organize my departure and flight back to Chicago and transfer all medical reports/results to a hospital in Chicago. I was approved to fly back to Chicago. Once I got back to Chicago, though, I did go through a bit of depression. The facts of aneurysms are quite depressing. I cried a lot. I thought another Aneurysm would burst. The doc・s had said once you have one then you are more susceptible to have another one in your lifetime. My parents and son would not talk to me and they said I abandoned the Uof M and left without permission. (They were upset they lost control of me) It was a bad point in my life. My parents were so disgusted in me. They actually threw out more than half of my personal items: anything pertaining to drinking, mattresses, lingerie, heels, etc.

Over the summer Gerry and I drove back to Minneapolis in a u-haul van to get my items. We were not sure what we were picking up in the storage unit. Once arrived back at our rental home in Chicago, I learned as I was unloading majority of my items were missing, broke, etc...I cried and cried. Over the summer I dealt with the personal pain I suffered. I did manage to come out of that point though. It・s still hard and there are still days I have to fight it. Not a day goes by I don・t feel my head and feel the scar and get scared. I think about Aneurysms every day of my life.

Gerry encourages me and takes care of me. Leesa attends many Doc visit with me and continues to encourage me. I am soo blessed with them! In August I had two Granmal Seizures and was hospitalized for 3 days. Since then...I am doing well. I do speak to my parents and Gerry and I actually flew up to Minneapolis in September to visit my mother in the hospital, she recovered from colon cancer. However, my son still does not speak to me. I am continuing to try to live my life without the fear that this brings and trying to stay positive that I will continue to live a long and full life and to see my son someday and unite our relationship. I do not drink alcohol and finally quit smoking cigarettes after 25 yrs...I enjoy the e-smokes now.

I am sharing this with you in regards to please make sure you have control of your personal belongings and of course your lifestyle info. You truly learn who your best friends are.

Thank you to all who took the time to read this. I am a survivor and feel well!

Thank you LL


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