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Question: I want my hubby to share the same excitement I'm having

Dear Lounge Advice,

We are new to the Lifestyle and are beginning to explore it together. I have had a chance to meet a couple of men who I have really liked and enjoyed and felt comfortable with. My husband has given be tremendous support and approval for my fun. We as a couple however have not yet meet a couple where there has been a four way connection. Also, my husband has not met anyone that either he is interested in or that is interested in him. He is a great guy, an amazing man. He is smart, witty, very good looking and great body. He is getting discouraged that we or he will ever meet anyone for him to enjoy the same excitement I am having. What can I do to help him, to reassure him that this will be as fun or more fun for him as it is for me? I donít want him to feel left out.




Dear (Anonymous),

If I were in your position, I would curtail my lifestyle activities a bit until he can find someone he likes, and he will. It's not easy to find something with whom you can share a four way attraction. It's basically dating, times two. You might have to go a while until you find the right combo, but I assure you that it's out there. If it means that you don't get to play as often, then that's ok. It better than your hubby feeling left out or that's he's drawing the short straw every time. Being in the lifestyle means that things should be fair and equal. Right now, they're not, no matter how much he encourages you to have your fun. If you're truly concerned about the situation, back off a bit on your own activities until you can both find that four way attraction that will ensure him a good time!
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