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Question: Testimonials- Tricks to writing

Dear Lounge Advice,

Are there any tricks or advice on writing a testimonial.



Dear (Anonymous),

In my opinion, writing a testimonial should be geared toward what you feel the other person would most likely be okay with posting on thier profile. Look at any testimonials they may already have. Then determine if your words should be geared toward a character testimonial or a more physically oriented description of their bedroom manners.
My husband and I prefer our testimonials to stick to character. We don't feel comfortable with posting testimonials that make it obvious that we've been with the writer. It has nothing to do with feeling ashamed of our hookup. Rather, we prefer for others not to know too much of our business and who we sleep with. Just by reading our testimonials, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between our friends and our bed partners. We like this.
With others, it's readily apparent that they're okay with people attesting to their sexual positives.
Either type of tesimonial is okay. Just make a sound inference about the people you're writing about and proceed from there. After all, if someone doesn't feel comfortable with the content of the testimonial, they don't have to post it.
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