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Question: Wife keeps skirting the boundaries

Dear Lounge Advice,
My wife and I have enjoyed the lifestyle now for many years without any problems except for one. We have an understanding for dealing with singles that we do not play alone. However, every time she is approached by a man she is attracted to and wants she breaks the rule if the men are uneasy about enjoying her while I am present. She always comes around and tells me the truth about it eventually and our line of communication is great, she knows exactly how I feel about the situation, how can I help her control her urges and to respect our boundaries? She tells me she wants to but when the situation arises it is extremely hard for her to resist.
Thank you,



Dear (Anonymous),

Some men simply are not comfortable being watched by another guy, so thatís understandable. However, she is pushing the boundaries and Iíd say, on the fine line that crosses over into cheating.
If you are not comfortable with what she is doing, then you have to set firm boundaries. Ask her what she would think/ fell if the shoe was on the other foot.
But I must say, you are enabling this behavior if youíre letting it slide every time. So she knows she can keep getting away with.
So you either need to reset the rules and just let her do it, or put your foot down and not let this happen again. It sounds like she just doesnít take you seriously when it comes to this.
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