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Question: Alerting other to behavior of a single female

Dear Lounge Advice,
I met a girl from here recently in which I was a complete gentleman. However, she was a bit on the scary and emotional unstable side, so much that I feared a little bit for my life. How can I maintain respectable reputation in LL and still Warn those that could be affected? I am a single guy and really worry about my reputation within the Lifestyle. This truly worries me about her.

Thanks in advance,
Scared Sexless!



Dear (Anonymous),

Unfortunately, its your word against hers. If you start saying these things about her to people without being asked to share, you may look like the bad guy. Think about it- lifestyles sometimes tend to frown upon single males, and covet single females.
So, no matter what your experience was, you may be seen as a gossip. Or, if a couple wants their single female experience badly enough, they may downplay what you have to say about her and decide its worth the risk.
Now, if she is actively trying to trash your reputation, then by all means, defend yourself if someone approaches you with false accusations.
Personally, Id just let it go and move on. If she acts like an ass to others, word will get out and her own reputation will eventually suffer.
Id actually like to hear what our forum says about this.
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